Other Injuries

Life can never be totally hazard-free, but sometimes negligent acts by others make it riskier than it should be. There are routine reports of supposedly safe household products and medical devices and prescription or over-the-counter drugs being banned or recalled as unsafe or unreasonably dangerous. Healthy-seeming fresh vegetables have been responsible for spreading deadly diseases, and innocent-appearing children’s products have caused horrible injuries.

Manufacturing or design defects, or negligent storage or handling, can make a product dangerously unsafe. In other cases, products become unsafe to use because the maker or distributor has failed to discover or warn about non-obvious hazards onside effects. A seemingly safe product can cause injury if it lacks essential instructions for safe use. Or a product may creates a hazard for those around the purchaser.

Sometimes an injury results not from a product, but from a lapse in skill or judgment by a physician or other healthcare provider. Malpractice not only covers blatant errors, like the surgeon who operates on the wrong leg, but also failures to diagnose, or misdiagnosis, of conditions that a reasonably competent physician would have correctly diagnosed. In dentists’ offices and other settings, technicians may attempt to perform services four which they are not qualified. Pharmacists who fail to fill prescriptions properly, or delivery room technicians who fail to notice or act on signals of distress in the mother or child can also commit professional malpractice.

These cases can have tragic, lasting effect, and involve complex scientific or technical issues. To receive the help you need in dealing with them, you will want to have a skilled and experienced advocate on your side.

Let an Attorney Skilled in Product Liability and Other Hazards Review Your Case

The King Firm PA can thoroughly investigate and help you determine whether someone else’s negligence has helped lead to your injury. For a free consultation with a knowledgeable product liability and other hazards attorney, contact the King Firm PA. Let us review your situation, and help you determine whether you have grounds for lawsuit for the injuries you or a family member has suffered.

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