Estate Administration

Florida has several ways for handling estates, and the skilled central Florida estate planning and elder law attorneys at the King Firm PA can help you deal with any of them.

Probate, a state court-supervised distribution of assets held in the deceased’s name only, may be required for some or all assets, depending on whether or not a will exists, the type and legal form of holding for the assets, and whether heirs automatically succeed to ownership of the asset. A variety of state laws govern those determinations.

Florida laws and probate rules also have special procedures, known as summary administration and disposition of personal property without administration, available for smaller estates; these simpler procedures can have both advantages and drawbacks.

Those administering an estate are required to give notice and identify potential claimants and creditors, and supervise production of an accounting for the estate, as well as any required estate or gift tax reports. Further complications may arise if the deceased owned property in multiple states.

Occasionally conflicts will arise over the validity of a will, or competing claims over who should be named as personal representative to administer an estate, which may be resolved by probate courts. In some cases, guardianship issues may also arise.

No matter whether you are dealing with a large estate or a more modest one, or how simple or complex issues it may involve, the King Firm PA can assist you in dealing with the situation as efficiently and affordably as possible. Call at your convenience for a free consultation, to see how the King Firm can help you.

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