Contract Disputes

Even if your business is going smoothly, it is a fact of business life that disputes can arise about the meaning and scope of contracts. Disputes with suppliers, customers, service providers, and sometimes even among partners can threaten to disrupt your business.

Where contract disputes are concerned, the best strategy is usually prevention. Careful negotiation and drafting of contracts can often remove ambiguities that can lead to disputes. Reviewing proposed contract terms before you sign can very often identify and resolve items that otherwise could become significant problems down the road.

The King Firm PA is experienced in working with central Florida businesses of varying size and in diverse industries. Our experience in reviewing and drafting contracts, and our interest in understanding your business needs and methods, prepares us to help you make sure your contracts are clear and enforceable.

Often skillful contract drafting and negotiation can keep contract problems from arising. If, however, another business persists in not observing the terms of its contract with your business, we can also help you forcefully protect your rights.

Feel free to call on us for a free consultation on any business contract issues you may have.

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