Starting the American Dream – Small Business

Starting a business is the modern American dream. It is the culmination of an idea fulfilled, an idea to bring a product or a service to the larger community. Yet, there are many things that one must do in order for their business to operate legally.  While some may sound interesting and fun, there are other aspects of starting a business that can be cumbersome and may warrant the attention of a…

5 Things You Should Know About DUIs

Driving while under the influence has been a major problem in Florida in recent years. Only 2 years ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving reported that there have been 53,664 arrests with about 30,000 of those arrests resulting in a DUI conviction. Furthermore, of all traffic deaths in 2012, 29% resulted from drunk driving. With those numbers, it’s no surprise that the consequences for a DUI ar…

10 Things Debt Collectors Cannot Do!

Most people dread the unknown number in their caller ID. The reason behind that is simple: it’s probably that annoying creditor calling about that unpaid credit card bill. However, some debt collection calls can bring up a cold sweat and goose bumps for some. Only last year, CNN Money published an article about debt collection horror stories. It detailed reports that debt collectors had…

Problem Landlord?

           Nothing is more disturbing during a much-needed night’s sleep than loud music that tears through your walls. You’re probably exhausted from a long, yet relaxing Sunday. In a few hours, the Monday sun will rise, and the rush of getting the kids to school and making sure you arrive to work on time brings up a feeling that’s close to dread. However, as the dying minutes of 2…

What a Last Will and Testament Can – and Can’t – Do for You

Whether you are the meticulous, highly organized type who always has a careful plan, or like most of us, tend to leave some things until the last minute, there’s one inescapable certainty about life: it will someday end.

You certainly have heard a will can help ensure the property you leave behind will be disposed the way you want it to be, to help provide for your surviving beneficiaries.

What You Need to Know If You’ve Been Injured in an Auto Accident

If you’ve had the misfortune of being injured in an auto accident, your first thoughts will naturally be about your health, and that of any others who may also have been injured. If you have been so seriously hurt you aren’t able to return to work immediately, how you’ll be able to support your family and pay for the care and rehabilitation you may need are also likely to be top-of-mind…

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